Gladiator 12-60x70 Zoom Binocular w/ Tripod Adapter

Gladiator 12-60x70 Zoom Binocular w/ Tripod Adapter

$ 164.40

Gladiator 12-60x70 Zoom Binocular w/ Tripod Adapter
The 12-60x70 Gladiator Zoom Binocular from Barska is designed for long distance terrestrial and astronomical viewing. The variable magnification range of the binocular allows the viewer to scan a large field of view and then zoom in on the selected object for a closer and greater detailed look. A zoom thumb-lever for making quick and smooth magnifications is featured. Fold-down eyecups are incorporated into the eyepieces for comfort viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Barska Gladiator 12-60x70mm Zoom Binoculars are a powerful zoom binocular with different magnifications. The Barska 12-60x70 Gladiator Zoom Binoculars offer the added advantage of enjoying multiple magnifications in a single binocular. These Gladiator Zoom Binoculars feature fully-coated optics for sharper and crisp images and rugged design with improved traction holding. Large 70mm objective lenses of Barska Gladiator Binoculars AB10172 for increased light transmission allow viewing under the darkest conditions.

The Barska 12-60x70mm Gladiator Binoculars are tripod adaptable to fit for a steady view. With Barska's Gladiator Zoom Binoculars you can capture a panoramic view at low power, target in on your object and then zoom in to a higher power to capture the finer details. The zoom mechanism on Barska 12-60x 70mm Gladiator Binocular is smooth and easy to operate with a flick of the lever. It's like having many binoculars in one! Gladiator Zoom Binoculars by Barska are the perfect companion for all outdoor activities and sporting events.

BAK7 Porro Prisms
Fully Coated Optics
Tripod Adaptor
Threaded Tripod Mount
Large Objective Lens
Rubber Armoring
Levered Zoom Magnification