We are a family-owned business in the beautiful area of Coeur d'Alene, North Idaho—literally located in the shadows of the southern beginnings of the Selkirk mountain range. The Selkirks make up the westernmost range of the Rocky Mountains and straddle the border of Washington and Idaho and extend north into British Columbia. We love living here in the great Inland Northwest and we love the lifestyle that it offers us and our families and so we've chosen the name as a reflection of the influences this region has on our lives and seek to spread that to the rest of the world.

With that in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to making the highest-quality, crafted Pickleball Paddles that you could invest your hard-earned money into. While we may be the new kids on the block in the Pickleball world for the moment, we are honoring the traditional designs and fabrication methods that have been in place for decades now, but we are introducing a new twist to the products we offer. We strive to stand out from the increasingly crowded field of Pickleball, and offer a clear, winning choice of the best possible selection of crafted Pickleball Paddles in the world. We currently have three models of paddles to choose from. Stay tuned in the months ahead as we are preparing to release several new lines of paddles as well.

We manufacture all of our paddles here in the USA, right here in Hayden, Idaho at our 6,000 sq.ft. facility.

We have a passion for the game of Pickleball and are seeking to bring it out of the leisure-sport perception and elevate it as the exciting sport that it is. Not to just retirees and seniors but to a whole new generation of serious athletes that have found the agile challenges and need for adrenaline-rush reflex speed of Pickleball to be surprisingly addictive—which is the main reason Pickleball is becoming the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. and soon, the world. And Selkirk Sport is going to be there to provide these generations with all the power and control that they'll need to play the best Pickleball in the world.