Paddletek was founded as a hobby business in 2011. Prior to October 2012 our sales were about 10 to 15 paddles per month and mainly to friends and fellow Pickleball players at a club in Fountain Hills, AZ.  In the 26 months since we got serious, we have grown to be one of the largest US manufacturers of Pickleball paddles.  We have many new innovations and paddles designs we plan to launch.

  • Number of Employees:  12
  • All paddles made in the USA
  • Founded in Scottsdale, AZ but now located in Niles, MI
  • Top Sellers:  Element, Bantam EX-L, Phoenix Pro, Power Play, Stratus (the Stratus is new)
  • Only company to offer a 5 year “no dead spot” guarantee
  • New employees are called “Chimps” (that’s what they look like trying to assemble a paddle for the first time)
  • Shop employees refer to themselves as Paddle Elves or Paddletek-nitions