Katahdin Extreme Gear is designed and developed in Maine, right next door to a rugged mountain range
known as Mt. Katahdin [kuh-tah-dn] — and just as our namesake has come to represent the domination
of the greatest mountain in the North Maine woods, our products are designed to reflect that rugged
and versatile image as well and prove to stand up to extreme off-road conditions.
Here at Katahdin Extreme Gear we strive to provide snowmobilers the best from our gear
and we take pride in offering our customers the best in comfort, quality and value
— in fact, we stand behind the Katahdin Extreme Gear name with a one year guarantee

We began our company on the trails of northern Maine, in the heart of cold country.
We work diligently to develop a line of apparel and gear that combines sharp designs,
quality workmanship, and superior functionality at a manageable cost. Our goal
is to create snowmobile apparel and gear that's lightweight, breathable, flexible,
stylish and comfortable; yet, rugged enough to make the sport of snowmobiling
as relaxing and enjoyable as it always should be.

Our products were first introduced into the market in 2003 and became
an instant hit with snowmobile enthusiasts. We now offer over 200 different
products and are developing new products every year. We are committed to
offering our consumers versatile, quality products that function.
We've got your back covered, here, at Katahdin Extreme Gear